Our Team

Our team is the heart & Soul of Zapps wholesale

We live by our core values, show mutual appreciation amongst the amazing people on the team, strive to maintain a healthy workplace, and always look towards the future success of our people and the company. We can rest assured knowing we are doing right by our valued employees and customers as we grow and scale together.

let the good times roll

President & Founder

Anthony Zappitelli

Vice President

Jamie Pocatko

Facililites Operations Director

Gary Pocatko

R&D Operations Director

Denise Donnelly

Tech & Logistics Operations Director

Ahmad Thompson

Sales Director

Brian Baird

  • Billy

  • Alex

  • Tyler

  • Janet

  • Julie

  • Liz

  • Logan

  • David

  • Bruce

  • Adrian

  • Bobby

  • Bronson

  • Tatiana

  • Samuel